Introduction to AI & VR (Insight into the Future Technology)

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About Course

Introduction to AI & VR (Insight into the Future Technology)

Embark on a journey into the future with our 'Intro to VR' course, where the captivating world of Virtual Reality (VR) is unveiled. Tailored for both tech enthusiasts and beginners, this immersive experience will lead you through the essentials of VR technology, applications, and creative possibilities. VR's transformative impact on industries such as gaming, education, healthcare, and design will be explored, with hands-on experience provided in the utilization of VR hardware and software. Guided by our UK expert instructors, you will be led through the creation of your own VR experiences while gaining an understanding of the core concepts underpinning this groundbreaking technology. The virtual realm is entered, and your potential in this dynamic and innovative field is unlocked.

You will learn

Fundamentals of Virtual Reality (VR) technology

  • Technology fundamentals
  • Introduction to the Gaming Engine
  • Basics of Modelling for VR application
  • Get the first experience of VR application development

VR application development skills – Design, Logic, Programming

  • Interaction and Integration of 2D and 3D elements
  • GUI and 3D Virtual Environment design
  • Design logic and programming implementation
  • Integration with Immersive technologies

Ultimate DIY – VR project

  • Idea exchange and project planning: Set up the DIY project
  • VR application prototype development
  • Testing and Logic refinement
  • Deployment of your First Virtual Reality application

You will get

  • Awarded Joint Certification from MBCIE and BCU, UK
  • Globally recognized professional Unity certification (*T & C Apply)
  • Access to world class VR/AR laboratory facility
  • Taught by UK experts


Introduction to VR


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