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About Course

Build Your Metaverse

Unlock the secrets of the Metaverse, where you will delve into its essence, operations, and profound societal implications. Gain insights into the cutting-edge technologies fueling the Metaverse's construction. Discover its versatile applications across gaming, social networking, education, and the business landscape. Through expert guidance, you will unravel the Metaverse's core, comprehending its potential to reshape how we interact, learn, and conduct commerce in a digitally interconnected world. Join us to navigate this exhilarating terrain and prepare to harness the boundless opportunities that lie within the Metaverse's immersive embrace.

You will learn

  • Comprehensive understanding of what the Metaverse
  • Explore the key technologies driving the Metaverse
  • Discover diverse applications of the Metaverse
  • Engage in practical exercises, creating virtual environments and experimenting with Metaverse technologies
  • Idea exchange and project planning: Set up the DIY project
  • Deployment of your own Metaverse

You will get

  • Awarded Joint Certification from MBCIE and BCU, UK
  • Access to world class VR/AR laboratory facility
  • Taught by UK experts


Build Your Metaverse

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