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Advance Metaverse Training Programme

Unlock the limitless potential of the Metaverse with our Advanced Training Program, meticulously crafted for professionals seeking to master the art of building, designing, and operating immersive Metaverse experiences. Dive deep into the cutting-edge realms of Metaverse technologies, stay ahead of trends, and adopt best practices. You'll not only absorb theoretical knowledge but also engage in hands-on projects alongside industry luminaries, gaining invaluable real-world experience. This program offers more than just Metaverse expertise. It uniquely prepares you for the globally esteemed Unity Certified User certification, a testament to your adeptness in leveraging Unity, a premier game engine, for crafting interactive 3D worlds. As Unity's application in Metaverse development continues to surge, this dual proficiency opens doors to boundless opportunities in the digital frontier.

You will learn

  • Explore the different ways that the metaverse can be used
  • Design and develop complex metaverse experiences
  • Operate and manage metaverse platforms
  • Identify and evaluate new metaverse opportunities
  • Get training and prepare for the Globally recognized professional Unity certificate (*T & C Apply)

You will get

  • Awarded Joint Certification from MBCIE and BCU, UK
  • Globally recognized professional Unity certification (*T & C Apply)
  • Access to world class VR/AR laboratory facility
  • Taught by UK experts


Advance Metaverse Training Programme


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