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Introduction To The Metaverse And Digital Leadership CPD Module India

The Metaverse is a collective virtual environment which bridges the fields of virtual and augmented reality and the internet. Students in Ludhiana in India are now being offered the opportunity to study an exciting introductory course to the Metaverse and Digital Leadership.

The Introduction to the Metaverse course can be studied as a standalone course at the Munjal Birmingham City University Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MBCIE) in Ludhiana, from October 2023.


This introductory set of modules will leave participants with a greater understanding of the fundamental principles of the metaverse, the metaverse ecosystem and its economies. After completing this introduction, students will have a sound understanding of how the metaverse can potentially be applied in real-world business settings.

As the metaverse is being used more to undertake virtual commerce, create immersive brand engagement, host virtual events and experiences and train staff through simulation, it is an important tool for many businesses.

Students will learn how inter-connected platforms and technologies drive the metaverse, including the use of digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens. The course will cover the challenges of managing digital assets in the constantly evolving metaverse.

On successful completion of the Introduction to the Metaverse and Digital Leadership course in Ludhiana, students will have the option of applying for advanced standing to Birmingham City University’s MSc in Applied Metaverse and Digital Leadership, where they will be able to study for an additional two semesters subject to meeting the criteria for studying in the UK. All usual international entry requirements will apply.


Introduction To The Metaverse And Digital Leadership Cpd Module India


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