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Welcome to Munjal BCU Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Munjal BCU Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a centre for innovation, research, and creative production where technology, art, and design are used to nurture innovation and creativity. It has a STEAM-oriented (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) approach to higher education. MBCIE is led by eminent leaders. Mr Sunil Kant Munjal (Chairman Hero Enterprise) is Chairman of MBCIE. Prof Julian Beer Deputy Vice-Chancellor Birmingham City University, is vice Chairman of MBCIE. The Centre provides an opportunity to change the stereotypical ways of teaching and learning in schools and colleges – it emphasises more engaging, participatory, and socially relevant approaches. As part of that we have also established a well-equipped Incubation Centre to enable young entrepreneurs to launch their start-ups with expertise and backing of BCM Foundation and Birmingham City University. MBCIE seeks to transform industrial enterprises and promote entrepreneurship through world-class education, training, and research and development.

MBCIE core feautures

STEAMhouse is a place powered by Munjal Birmingham City University

Quality Certifications

Explore our commitment to excellence through our Quality Certifications. As an accredited institution powered by Birmingham City University, we offer internationally recognized certificates that reflect our dedication to high educational standards.

Learning Best Practice

Embark on your academic journey with Learning Best Practices. Uncover tailored strategies and resources to enhance your unique learning experience for ultimate success and personal growth.

Online Resources

Access a wealth of knowledge and support through our comprehensive Online Resources hub. Explore a vast array of digital materials, tools, and services designed to empower your academic and personal development anytime, anywhere.

Study Plan Tutors

Elevate your learning experience with International Tutors. Our dedicated mentors provide personalized guidance and strategies to help you create effective study plans, ensuring your academic success and growth.

Advanced Practice

Cultivate expertise through Specialized Training. Immerse yourself in advanced coursework, hands-on experiences, and the latest methodologies, preparing you for excellence and a competitive edge in your field.


Dive into the realm of Research at our university, where cutting-edge laboratories and robust infrastructure fuel discovery. Join hands with international researchers to explore new frontiers and uncover groundbreaking knowledge.

MBCIE focuses on these ....

STEAMhouse means where Science, Technology, Enggineering, Arts & Math works together

01. Academics

Enriched by visionary offerings in emerging future technology courses, designed to engage and shape young minds, fostering a new perspective on the world.

02. Entrepreneurs

Innovation flourishes at MBCIE, where visionary entrepreneurs are nurtured within our incubation center, receiving mentorship and resources to cultivate future business leaders.

03. Enterprises

Enterprises are empowered through strategic partnerships and experiential learning, equipping students with the skills for success in business.

04. Creatives

Passionately nurturing creativity, a canvas is offered for creatives to flourish, fostering innovation and artistic expression for a vibrant future.


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